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Anti-skin Imperfection

Anti-skin Imperfection


CERA REPAIR Barrier Cream

Cera Repair Barrier Cream reinforces skin’s defences by bringing together Bioceramides* and our renowned Life Plankton™ probiotic fraction. This potent duo tackles ceramide loss, one of the causes of the appearance of the early signs of ageing, while alleviating the sensations of irritation and tightness associated with stressed skin.<br/> <br/> *Refers to TRITICUM VULGARE (WHEAT) SEED EXTRAC. Natural-origin ceramides , extracted with bioscience technology.
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Do you know urban lifestyle makes you age faster? With 30 years of bioscience and Life Plankton™ Probiotic Fraction, Life Plankton™ Probiotic Fraction regenerates skin from urban accelerated aging, skin visibly stronger, younger and plumpier.
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[STEP 0] of everyday beauty routine to activate skin renewal and enhance absorption. Skin feels 2 years younger in 8 days*.<br/><br/>*Tactile evaluation of apparent age by blindfolded judges, 28 women, once during the day and once at night on hand after 8 days – average results perceived 2.7 years younger.
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[STEP 0] of everyday beauty routine to activate skin renewal and enhance absorption. <br>A new clarifying system: The formula helps clear away dull, life-worn cells to reveal smoother, as if newborn skin.
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LIFE PLANKTON™ Sensitive Emulsion

Infused with 5% Life Plankton™ Concentration. Designated to reinforce skin barrier function and help protect skin against external aggressors.
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LIFE PLANKTON™ Sensitive Balm

A concentration of 5% LIFE PLANKTON™ within a rich, wrapping balm, sealed in AN INNOVATIVE HERMETIC JAR TO SAFEGUARD ITS ACTIVE FORMULA. The innovative texture was inspired by the characteristics of cica-products: safer approach and gentle formula with skin-regenerating abilities. It intensely nourishes skin layers and restores its protective barrier, helping skin become stronger and less reactive over time.
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LIFE PLANKTON™ Sleeping Mask

Life Plankton™ Mask concentrates Biotherm’s miracle ingredient at its full regenerative power. Day after day, skin feels soothed and strengthened. It looks visibly brightened and dewy.
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LIFE PLANKTON™ Essence In Mask

A tissue mask that gives skin an infusion of 5% Life Plankton™ in only 8 minutes. After just 1 application, skin feels soothed, intensely hydrated & looks more radiant*.<br><br>*Self assessment, 84 women, after 1 application
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