• 1952
    Biotherm 1952 Biotherm 1952

    Jeanine Marissal, a young visionary French woman, adds thermal plankton from the mountain springs of Molitg-Les-Bains to her skincare formulations. The "Thermal Biology", BIOTHERM, was born.

    Biotherm 1952

    BIOTHERM debuted with BIOMAINS, a treatment that still exists today.

  • 1957 Biotherm 1957

    BIOTHERM launched its first moisturizer: Hydrothermal cream.

  • BIOTHERM developed its first sunscreen. Its unique combination of protection and pleasure is a leader in its class.

    1961 Biotherm 1961 Biotherm 1961 Biotherm 1961
  • 1964 Biotherm 1964

    BIOTHERM created sensation with slimming cream, slimming and firming cream.

  • 1968 Biotherm 1968

    A world first - Bio-Booster Bust, the first market firming cream for bust.

  • 1972

    BIOTHERM body milk was created. A legend was born.

    Biotherm 1972

    BIOTHERM invented the first anti-wrinkle sun care.

    Biotherm 1972
  • 1973 Biotherm 1973

    BIOTHERM launched a new moisturizer for the face, Anti-Dry Skin Face.

  • 1974 Biotherm 1974

    Princess Grace inaugurated our new advanced research center in Monaco.

  • 1975 Biotherm 1975

    Slimming Cream, the first slimming cream to be clinically tested in the world.

  • 1985 Biotherm 1985

    BIOTHERM HOMME, the first selective range of skincare products for men was born. Today, BIOTHERM HOMME is still the world leader in selective men's skincare market.

    In the same year, Elle Macpherson became the official ambassador of the brand and Balneotherapy Centre BIOTHERM opened in Deauville.

  • 1987 Biotherm 1987

    BIOTHERM Biologics - the first line treatment with 3 different formulas depending on the age 30, 40 and 50 of women were launched.

  • 1994

    With the opening of BIOTHERM's own Biotechnology center in Tours, France, our scientists studied, isolated and cultivated Life Plankton™ for BIOTHERM's unique formulations.

    Biotherm 1994 Biotherm 1994
  • 1997 Biotherm 1997

    BIOTHERM developed its first water treatment for the body. It helped to hydrate and revitalize both the skin and senses.

  • 1998 Biotherm 1998

    BIOTHERM introduced its award winning moisturizer, AQUASOURCE, which boosted an equivalent of 5000L of thermal water in a jar.

  • 1999 Biotherm 1999

    WHITE D-TOX, the first whitening specifically adapted to Asian skin types.

  • 2001 Biotherm 2001

    AGE FITNESS, the first anti-aging treatment made from olive leaf concentrate.

  • Biotherm 2006

    BIOTHERM and Stanford University showed that Life Plankton™ extract offered unparalleled regenerative properties and had the unique ability to strengthen and protect the skin's natural defenses.

  • 2008 Biotherm 2008

    Celluli Laser, the first high precision slimming treatment with Biofibrine, was introduced to efficiently attack cellulite.

  • 2009

    Anti-aging revolution inspired by the latest research in genetics. BIOTHERM created SKIN VIVO, its 1st anti-aging care with Life Plankton™ extract and Reverserol SV to combat the visible signs of the skin aging process and improve skin’s youthful appearance.

  • 2011
    Biotherm 2011

    BIOTHERM launched SKIN‧ERGETIC, marking its entry into the anti-fatigue category.

    Biotherm 2011

    BIOTHERM renovated AQUASOURCE, combining the unique power of Mannose and Life Plankton™.

    Biotherm 2011

    BIOTHERM collaborated with French designer Vanessa Bruno for the launch of its first water treatment for Christmas.

  • 2012

    To celebrite its 60th anniversary, BIOTHERM introduced its new platfrom biotechnologies, Beauty from the Deep, dedicated to the exploration of new generation molecules from aquatic biodiversity.

    Biotherm 2012